The 10 Best Dental Guards for Teeth Grinding Issues

Do you grind your teeth and wake up with painful jaws and a headache in the morning? Have your teeth become lose and damaged? If you answer all these questions in the affirmative, then you are suffering from a condition called bruxism. This ailment is very common and every one out of ten Americans often grinds their teeth unconsciously at night. Even though it will take time to discover the foundation of your habit of teeth grinding, it is unwise to wait any longer. What you need is a DENTAL GUARD! It will prevent additional teeth damage.

Step #2 is using the bruxism biofeedback headband this is the only instrument in the market to help you discontinue your habit of grinding or clenching your teeth unconsciously at night.

Several different kinds of dental guards are available in the market. While some mouth guards can easily be bought from health stores, others are tailor-made according to your requirements. It is difficult to decide the most appropriate mouth guard for yourself, from a wide variety of mouth guards. To assist you in your decision, below is a review of the ten most sought-after mouth guards and the benefits and drawbacks they have:

1. TeethNightGuard from Sparkling White Smiles LLC Dental Lab provides custom night guards developed in a professional laboratory setting that’s used by dentists and surgeons as well as regular customers. The company offers three different night guards for varying levels of bruxism and promises a comfortable fit. The in-home four-step modeling process allows customers to get the right fit without the cost of dentist office guards.’s guards are strong, safe and come with a 100% money back guarantee. Available Coupon: “teeth10” (10% OFF).

2. is a family-owned dental lab in San Diego County that has been providing products and services to dentists for more than 10 years. The company offers three different types of mouth guards for varying levels of grinding and clenching. The company promises a great fit for anyone, even customers with dentures, crowns, bridges, and other dental appliances. The company promises a 110% money-back guarantee to show its seriousness in providing a quality product. Free Shipping in the US & Canada. Use Coupon Code: “TOP10GUARD” ($10 OFF the order).

3. GrindReliefN
There are two key ways in which the GrindReliefN (Formerly known as “GrindGuardN”) deals with bruxism. It prevents the teeth in the lower and upper jaw from making contact to avoid damage to them while sleeping. Also, the guard’s exclusive Central Power Bar relocates your bite’s force. This liberates the grinding stimulus, which considerably reduces the overall symptoms. For $10 OFF, use code: “EXTRA10″.

4. SleepRight
The self-adjust technology patented by SleepRight offers an effective and comfortable dental guard. You will forget the teeth grinding pain you suffered every night. The dental guard is available in three distinct models that cater to different patient needs. These appliances prove to be extremely effective in solving grinding and clenching problems.

5. Doctor’s Night Guard
The finest self-molded ‘boil and bite’ mouth guard currently available in the market is the Doctor’s Night Guard. Developed by a certified dentist, the dual-layer design of this patented device has a gentle inner layer that is shock-absorbent and a firm outer layer. The structure increases the durability of the appliance and is supposed to be worn on the upper jaw.

6. Sporting Smiles
Sporting Smiles can help your pain or discomfort from clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth during the night. It offers six different custom-made guards to protect your teeth. The company operates a lab under the supervision of dentists with more than 30 years’ experience. All materials are free of BPA, latex and other allergens. All guards come with a 30-day free replacement window.

7. J&S Dental Lab
J&S Dental Lab creates custom mouth guards in its San Francisco lab for surgeons, dentists, and now for you as well. J&S offers five different guards to meet all of your bruxism needs and can help you determine which to choose based on their name and material. Create these molds in the comfort of your own home and then receive a great guard in the mail in a short amount of time. The brand offers a lot of package options and sales, so you’re sure to get a great guard at a great price.

8. denLAB Direct
denLAB Direct is a UK manufacturer of dental accessories and mouth guards who has recently opened up a U.S. production facility and offers free shipping in both locations as well as shipping to many other countries. This makes denLAB Direct a great option for both our U.S. and UK readers.

9. SmartGuard Night Guard
Designed to be worn on the upper teeth, the SmartGuard Night Guard, a self-molded device cures bruxism as well as TMJ symptoms. SmartGuard Elite is its latest upgraded version which particularly assists in reducing Joint popping symptoms that are a result of TMJ.

10. DenTek Comfort
DenTek Comfort Fit Dental Guard uses the conventional method of ‘boil and bite’ to fit and have an additional adjustable band on both sides to fit comfortably. Custom Comfort, an advanced version of this device has a dual-layer protection. The device is developed to fit on the lower jaw.

Additional Guards:

11. Grind-No-More ® Dental Night Protector
Grind-No-More® Dental Night Protectors are affordable, hygienic and disposable. Offered in packs of ten, these devices do not need the client to shape them because they are developed to work with a loose fitting in comparison to other mouth guards. The device can be used on the lower or upper teeth.

12. Archtek Grind Guard
Designed for the upper jaw, the Archtek Grind Guard can be fixed by the client using the method of ‘boil and bite’. The transparent device is constructed using thermo-plastic which can turn this into a tricky process.

13. StressGard
This has been developed by a certified orthodontist and can treat TMJ and bruxism. Molding is not required. The device is developed to easily fit on the lower or upper teeth. StressGard® I and II, are two of the models available that treat particular areas that are ground most.

14. Dental Hygienist Mouth Guard
This affordable device has been developed by a reputed dental hygienist and treats both bruxism and TMJ. the device can be fit onto the lower or upper jaw and is sufficiently firm to be used in place of a sports dental guard. The method of ‘boil and bite’ is required to mold the product.

15. Eliminator Pro Night Guard
The Eliminator Pro Night Guard is an adjustable sleep aid that is designed to help you to get relief from the many symptoms and effects from teeth grinding or bruxism. The Eliminator Pro is made to be a simple device that is boiled and molded to fit your mouth. It protects and guards your teeth and initiates a comfortable jaw placement that results in preventing teeth grinding at night. This night guard is affordably priced, has open availability, and has received a fair amount of positive testimonies from customers and reviews for its value, comfort, and effectiveness.

Users’ Preference: Lab – Customized Guard

The Good:
Leading and affordable mouth guards, the Night Guard Lab are tailor-made dental guards. Developed by a dedicated team of professionals, the Lab caters to various dentist needs. They offer a variety of distinct products on the basis of your requirements. They are affordable due to their mold which will be sent to you with the kit along with directions on how you are supposed to capture the imprint of your set of teeth. Read the detailed directions on how to make an impression of your set of teeth without trouble on our comrehensive review. On receiving the impressions, qualified technicians of the Lab design an develop each guard according to your unique requirements. Energy-absorbing laminates that are approved by FDA are used in the making of Night Guards. Both acrylic and soft versions of the Night Guards are available. You will only understand what true comfort means after you try a customizable mouth guard yourself.

The Bad:
To be honest, using any dental guard is benificial than using none. The cheap mouth guards available at every health store will work as a momentary solution for a brief period before you get yourself a tailor-made mouth guard that is made to comfortably fit on your teeth. As everybody is different and has different requirements, some may adapt better to one guard than to others. That is why it would be unfair to label some brands of guards as bad. Nevertheless, a few characteristics of a mouth guard make it bad despite of your preference towards it.

Those mouth guards that are labeled as bad are too stiff to acclimatize to your teeth and are too discomforting and irritating that you are unable to sleep soundly at night. If your guard has an uncomfortable fitting, it will not stay in its place and at some point, you will discontinue using it. Guards that are bulky are uncomfortable to wear and make breathing arduous. Be cautious of guards that need to be put in hot water so that they are flexible enough to fit on your teeth. Some guards are so unstable that, if heated for an extended time, will merely fall apart or will stiffen very quickly, even before they get adequately cooled to be inserted in your mouth. Follow the directions carefully. If the mouth guard does not function well even after all the instructions are being properly followed, ask for your cash back.

Final Word:
Several people select a random mouth guard from health stores as they believe that tailor-made guards are very expensive and can only be obtained from dentists. As dental officers are involved in the money-making business, they rarely disclose that they are not the actual makers of those guards and send the order to labs. To safeguard their interests, they will not disclose the fact that custom made dental guards are quite affordable and can be easily fitted by a client. However, being a sensible consumer, you carried out a research and came to know about made to order guards which are developed in specialized labs and do not require you to spend too much money on your dental officer. Bespoke guards offer you comfortable guards for a very attractive price than from your dentist. offers the most superior custom guards available in the market. Useful Discount: Try “teeth10″ (10% OFF) at checkout.

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