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Dr. James Bancroft, an orthodontist designed the StressGard Night Guard as a solution for habitual nighttime teeth clenching and grinding. Teeth grinding can damage the enamel, cause teeth chipping and damage tooth fillings. The device is even suitable for TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder) patients. This device keeps the lower and upper set of teeth apart by serving as a cushion in between. StressGard Night Guard is a patented device that has a shock absorbing flexible groove. You are not required to heat and mold this device; it has been developed with a loose fitting and for extra comfort, can be trimmed as well.

Users can wear the StressGard Night Guard on both the lower and upper teeth. It has a smooth and even surface to let your teeth slide against the device in case, they come into contact. This will help prevent enamel damage and tooth chipping. This also implies that your face and jaw muscles will not contract like they usually do during sleep and in the absence of the Night Guard. This results in reduced discomfort and pain.


Q. How can I reduce the quantity of saliva I usually produce while wearing the Night Guard?

A. The body normally starts producing excess saliva initially while using a mouth guard. In the beginning, try to wear the mouth guard for a few hours daily to gradually get accustomed to using it.

Q. How long do I need to keep my StressGard Night Guard on?

A. When you get used to wearing the Night Guard, you can safely wear it all night long. You can also wear it in the daytime if required.

Q. How long should I use the StressGard Night Guard before it needs replacement?

A. This device is very durable. According to many heavy grinders, they are able to wear the device for nine months to a year before replacing it. People who suffer from occasional grinding can use the device for much longer.

Q. Is it possible for the StressGard Night Guard to slip out of position while I am sleeping?

A. No, the device will stay in one position throughout the night. The cheeks, tongue and lips cause natural retention of tissues in your mouth which enables the Night Guard to remain in one position.

Q. Can I use StressGard Night Guard in the daytime?

A. Yes. StressGard Night Guard is developed to minimize bulk and enables you to use it in the daytime as well, if you want. Although, it is better to wear the device on your lower teeth in the daytime as it will not create hindrance and will allow to easily converse with everyone.

Two products of StressGard Night Guard are available in the market:

Original StressGard Night Guard – Patients who are occasional grinders, are recommended by TotalGard to use the Original StressGard NightGuard. This is not one of those Night Guards that require custom fitting however, users can trim the guard to adjust them, if necessary.

StressGard II Night Guard – This model has an additional frontal full bite plate. The StressGard II is specifically for those who are in the habit of grinding both, their front and back teeth. Both, StressGard I & II are provided with complete instructions for fitting the device as well as a storage container.


• To be worn on your upper set of teeth during sleep.
• It relieves symptoms of bruxism and TMJ by keeping the back molars apart.
• The device can fit almost everyone.


  • A money-back offer within 30 days.
  • Users of the device reported a substantial reduction in bruxism-related facial pains and headaches.
  • The device is useful for bruxism as well as TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder).


• Some users have complained about feeling discomfort due to the product’s loose fitting design and its hard exterior.


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