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Sparkling White Smiles LLC Dental Lab offers three solutions to help people lessen the pain and discomfort caused by grinding or clenching their teeth, also called bruxism.

The company’s offers custom-made mouth guards for use during sleep and can match the guard to different levels of grinding and clenching. Customers also can choose between using an upper or lower night guard in any of the three models.

Sparkling White Smiles creates mouth guards to fit each customer’s specific mouth and promises to use only the highest-quality, FDA-approved materials. The mouth guards contain only approved EVA materials with no BPAs or plasticides. They are also 100% latex free.

Dental technicians in the company’s advanced labs will craft your mouth guard, providing a fit and quality guarantee.





How it works

Sparkling White Smiles creates unique mouth guards by shipping customers a molding kit so they can create impressions of their teeth at home.


4 Easy Steps for getting your custom night guard:

1. The company sends customers their kit after receiving an order.

2. Follow the simple instructions to create teeth impressions in about 5 to 10 minutes. Most users have found them easy to use and say that the impressions work properly the first time.


3. Next, mail the impressions back to the lab with the pre-paid envelope that comes in the kit.

4. Lab technicians will take the molding you provide and develop a custom fitting mouth guard for nighttime use. Your guard is returned in a special protection case within 7 to 10 days, though some consumers report they arrive a little earlier.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee
Sparkling White Smiles provides a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for their mouth guards, with a 30-day window to return any mouth guard that doesn’t meet your needs or standards. The company says that 97% of the impressions customers send in are usable the first time, but promises to work with customers in case a redo is needed.


Different types and features

Sparkling White Smiles offers three different kinds of mouth guards to help with bruxism: the soft, flexible .120” night guard; the hard acrylic .080” night guard; and the extra-durable .120” Pro form guard.

Features of the soft, flexible .120” night guard include:

  • 3mm thick plastic for moderate teeth grinding.
  • Manufactured with a plastic the company says is soft, flexible and rubbery.
  • A lifespan of between 6 months and 3 years depending on your level of bruxism.
  • Options for additional night guard cases and cleaners to prevent odor.

Features of the hard acrylic .080” night guard include:

  • 2mm thick acrylic plastic for heavy, continuous teeth grinding.
  • Manufactured with a very hard, rigid plastic that customers say has a look and feel of Invisalign mouth guards.
  • A lifespan of between 2 and 5 years depending on your level of bruxism.
  • The guard can also double as a retainer or daytime mouth guard.
  • Options for additional night guard cases and cleaners to prevent odor.

Features of the extra-durable .120” Pro form guard include:

  • 3mm strong laminate material for moderate to severe teeth grinding.
  • Softer, inner layer for mouth comfort.
  • Design to accommodate severe clenching.
  • Abrasion-resistant design and materials.
  • A lifespan of between 2 and 5 years depending on your level of bruxism.
  • Options for additional night guard cases and cleaners to prevent odor.

Product materials:
All of the mouth guards are made with FDA-approved materials and contain no latex, plasticides, or BPA. Each includes the option to buy additional mouth guards for future support or day use at a reduced cost.


How to choose the most suitable one

Sparkling White Smiles recommends you choose the mouth guard based on your level of bruxism and your daily needs.

The soft, flexible .120” night guard is best for light and moderate teeth grinding, with Amazon users reporting that it does not withstand heavy grinding. Those with light grinding or clenching have found the mouth guard to last more than a year on average and typically find it comfortable enough to wear at night.

Available on – Click Here.


The hard acrylic .080” night guard is preferred by users that like feeling something substantial in their mouth at night. Users say it stands up to heavy grinding, but some have found it to be too large; they end up sleeping with their mouth partially open at night because of the size or report that their bite has shifted somewhat. Other users like it for the heft and the quality of the fit for bottom teeth guards.

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The extra-durable .120” Pro form guard is best for severe cases of TMJ pain and grinding. Users report that these guards last for years and are comparable to the quality of mouth guards provided by dentist offices. The guard features a soft interior, especially in the molars and near the lips, which is comfortable for the entire night and makes the extra cost worth it.

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    Each is custom-made for individual customers;

    Three levels of protection for different levels of grinding;

    Durable materials mean less replacements;

    A 100% money-back guarantee for the first 30 days;

    All materials are hypoallergenic and approved for dental use;

    It’s a cheap alternative to expensive dentist office mouth guards. Don’t forget to use this coupon: “teeth10” at checkout (10% OFF);

    They often prove to be more durable and better fitting than store-bought models.



    The company only initially shifts large and small trays, which many report don’t fit. Customers say they need to contact Sparkling White Smiles to get a medium-sized guard.

    Some users say the guards can shift their bite;

    Guards may be too thick for some, causing the consumer to sleep with their mouth partially open;

    Heavy grinders have found the .120” models to be too flimsy in some occasions.

    Some users have had to send multiple impressions or report having received the wrong mouth guard in the mail.

Overall Rating:
Like all molded products, some users will find it hard to create the mold or uncomfortable, but customer reviews across the Web are largely satisfied. The company works hard to help its customers and its customer service department consistently receives high marks.



  What is bruxism?

Sparkling White Smiles guards are designed for involuntary teeth grinding and clenching, referred to as bruxism. This can generate force on the teeth, damaging them. Untreated, it can cause broken teeth and the loss of tooth enamel. Tooth sensitivity also increases when someone suffers from bruxism.

  Should I pick an upper or lower guard?

If your dentist has made a recommendation, Sparkling White Smiles suggests you follow it. If not, users find more support when getting a guard for the teeth that currently have less wear or pain from the grinding. About 80% of customers choose an upper guard because of comfort issues. While not harming the tongue, some people find that lower guards agitate the tongue as they try to sleep.

  How long is the process?

The company promises it will deliver your guard within 10 days of receiving the mold at its lab. Amazon customers say the guard can come in the mail in as few as 5 days.

  What do I order first?

Customers first order a mold kit that includes one set of impression putty; two plastic trays; a prepaid shipping envelope; a customer care card; and instructions.

  Are stone molds available?

While not generally included, Sparkling White Smiles can provide stone teeth impressions in the final order.

  What if it doesn’t work or I don’t like it?

Sparkling White Smiles has a 30-day 100% money back guarantee. The company says it will either recreate a night guard you’re unsatisfied with or will return all of your money back. It says that just 1% of customers are dissatisfied and return the product, though some of these just want a recreated guard.


Final Say

Sparkling White Smiles offers well-made mouth guards that can help ease the pain of TMJ and other problems of teeth grinding and clenching. They offer a cheaper but high-quality alternative to dentist office mouth guards and are said to be much better than store-bought models. All-in-all, Sparkling White Smiles offers solid mouth guards that offer protection and comfort at a good value.


Business Location:

Division of Sparkling White Smiles LLC Dental Lab PO BOX 241422, Milwaukee, WI 53224 USA

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