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The self-adjusting technology of this patented device ensures a mouth guard that provides comfort and is effective for nighttime grinders. Users can now get rid of the grinding jaw pains with SleepRight.

The mouth guard consists of two bite pads that are easily adjustable and fit perfectly between the lower and upper molars of your bite. This re-determines your natural mouth space. The retention of tissues between your cheeks, tongue and lips helps to naturally hold the dental guard in place. Although the standard mouth guards have an uncomfortable fitting and you need to immerse them in boiling water before biting into them, SleepRight mouth guard consists of a heat sensitive strap that automatically adjusts the dental guard to the natural shape of your jaw structure. The dental guard has no clasps or jagged corners.

The dental guard has a twofold effect. Most importantly, it safeguards the teeth from further damage like chipping, loosening of teeth and fractures due to jaw grinding. It also eliminates contact between the teeth so that the joints of the jaw get decompressed and relax, as a result.

How should I decide which one of the SleepRight Dental Guards would be suitable for me?

Out of the three models, Slim-Comfort is the lightest and smallest. It is most suitable for adults who have sensitive gums, a small mouth, or those who experience irritation while using regular dental guards. It can also be worn in the daytime. This model is very similar to Secure-Comfort. The only difference is that it does not have stability wings on its upper sides.

Very similar to Slim-Comfort, the Secure-Comfort model has stability wings as an additional feature on both of its sides. The stability gums help the guard fit in alignment with the gums and makes sure that the mouth guard remains in one place. This model is usually recommended for people who wish to deal with their grinding problems.

Out of all the designs of SleepRight, the most advanced one is Dura-Comfort. Aggressive grinders are suggested to use this model. It is made from a material that is denser and ensures more durability in case of heavy grinding. Its advanced design consists of distinct stability wings that are more flexible, sturdier bite pads and a frontal band that is anatomically designed. Such construction ensures maximum comfort, an aligned fitting and minimal irritation to the tissues of the gums. The thermal heat-sensitive strap is much wider than straps on other models, reducing abrasion and causing it to stay at its position.

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Q. How should I keep the SleepRight mouth guard clean?

A. the SleepRight mouth guard requires thorough cleaning and drying to prevent any kind of bacterial needs to be rinsed either in cold water or mouthwash before it is dried and stored in the container provided at the time of purchase. Keep the dental guard out of your pet’s reach as they tend to chew and damage the mouth guard.

Q. How is SLeepRight mouth guard any different from other regular guards available in the market?

A. SleepRight mouth guard was designed by an expert dentist after performing a comprehensive study on several hundred patients. This device is very similar to other devices developed in a dental lab but is less expensive. SleepRight is user friendly in comparison to other dental guards as it is lightweight and makes breathing and talking easier. You are not required to remove the device while drinking beverages.

The unique technology of SleepRight makes it an extremely comfortable device in terms of adjusting it to your mouth shape, out of the many available in the market. The elegant mechanism of this dental guard adjusts to easily fit the contours of your mouth and does not require heating or cutting the device in order to shape it. A detailed clinically proven guide comes along with every device and has complete instructions to help you to manage and eliminate your habit of teeth grinding.

Q. Can I use SleepRight mouth in the daytime?

A. You can safely wear the SleepRight mouth guard throughout the day. However, we suggest you not to exceed its usage for more than 12 hours in a certain period of 24 hours. The mouth guard is a very effective tool to deal with your habit of teeth grinding or clenching. It is more preferable to aim for the elimination of the habit entirely. Moreover, it is essential to try and not become permanently dependable on your mouth guard. Take regular breaks from wearing your guard to gauge your progress and determine how far you are from your ultimate goal of eliminating the habit if teeth grinding.

Q. Why do I feel more pain in my jaw in comparison to when I was not using the mouth guard?

A. Jaw soreness and jaw fatigue are very normal responses that arise while using the mouth guards commonly available in the market. These are short-term symptoms that are an outcome of your natural inclination to bite down. The bite pads of SleepRight mouth guard stretch the muscles of your jaw to re-determine you natural mouth space between the lower and upper jaw, which may result in some discomfort. The discomfort gradually goes away with continuous use, the natural space is reinstated and the soreness slowly disappears.


• Three distinct models are available that cater to different user needs.
• All devices have a warranty and a money-back offer within 30 days of purchase.
• The most lightweight model, Slim-Comfort, can even be worn in the daytime.
• All models enable users to easily breathe and talk. You are not required to remove them while drinking.
• No need to heat the device to adjust fitting.
• Latex and BPA free.


  • SleepRight mouth guard uses a patented technology to provide a user-friendly and cost-effective device that deals with teeth grinding issues.
  • The device is lightweight and yet very durable. It comprises of an adjustable band and high quality bite pads that easily fit in any mouth shape.
  • No cutting or heating of the device is required to shape it.
  • The mouth guard is made using heat-sensitive substance that is able to soften and easily adapt to your mouth’s natural shape.
  • The dental guard has no sharp or protruding jagged corners and hence, gives a comfortable fit and ensures a restful sleep at night.
  • Dura-Comfort has a grooved strap and much durable bite pads, designed specifically to deal with aggressive grinding problems.


• Some sensitive users have complained about experiencing irritation while using the Dura-Comfort model and felt that Slim-Comfort would suit them better.
• In contrast, some users found that Slim-Comfort does not stay in place during heavy nighttime grinding and prefer to use Dura-Comfort for better results.


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