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SmartGuard Dental Guard

The SmartGuard Dental Guard is a mouth guard that is available over-the-counter and particularly caters to headaches and several additional symptoms that are a result of Temporomandibular Joint Disorder. TMJ is a malfunction in the ball-and-socket joint which connects the skull and the jawbone. This disorder can cause headaches, clicking or popping of the joint, pain in the ear and discomfort while eating. Nighttime teeth clenching can also cause TMJ. SmartGuard Dental Guard will not allow your teeth at the back to come in contact, thereby, alleviating TMJ symptoms and preventing teeth clenching. It has a “Gag Free” design which is patented and can be easily molded before wearing.

How Do I Assess Which Dental Guard is most suitable for my teeth?

SmartGuard Original- Designed particularly to decrease the symptoms of TMJ, this dental guard surpasses similar devices manufactured by dentists. According to statistical data, 82% of the customers testified that they noticed improvement in symptoms of headache after using the mouth guard.
The SmartGuard Elite- This mouth guard was introduced in the January of 2012 and better adapts to distinct mouth shapes. Even molding it is easier than molding SmartGuard Original. In comparison to the original version, this model is more able to significantly improve clicking, popping and symptoms of lockjaw. The model is available in the market as a single product for some time only. After which it will be available as part of a combo pack from dentists.
  SmartGuard Combo- You can purchase the SmartGuard Elite and SmartGuard Original at a reasonable price in the “Combo” pack. You can try each model to see which one suits you best.
  SmartGuard Original Twin Pack. This cost-effective twin pack contains two Smart Guard Original night guards, at a reduced price.
  SmartGuard Original Twin Pack- A very affordable twin pack, it consists of two pieces of SmartGuard Original nighttime guards at a discounted price.


  • It has to be worn on your upper jaw during sleep.
  • It alleviates symptoms of bruxism and TMJ by stopping the rear molars from coming into contact.
  • The SmartGuard Elite is an improved model that was launched in the January of 2012 and is specifically for TMJ patients who undergo joint clicking or popping.


   Night dental guard stays securely in place and prevents gagging.

   Customers confirm a considerable decrease in headaches.

   Many common symptoms of TMJ mitigated by this dental guard include ringing in the ears and pain in the jaws.

   Also lessens the occurrence of nighttime teeth clenching and grinding.


   Customers whose mouth size is small complain that this dental guard is very bulky and wide and causes discomfort.

   The process of molding SmartGuard Elite is much more complicated compared to the Original. However, videos are available on the website to solve this problem.

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