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Bruxism or teeth clenching, is a grave disorder that can result in teeth damage, pain in jaw muscles and early morning headaches. In case you are in the habit of clenching your teeth, what you need is a mouth guard to solve the problem otherwise it may cause permanent damage to your teeth.

Night Guard Lab manufactures tailor-made mouth guards.

Night Guard is a remarkable product. It is economical and works more effectively than a mouth guard your dentist provides you. It shields the teeth and guards them against any more damage that may be caused by nighttime teeth grinding. It is important to note here that dentists never make dental guards themselves. Instead, they ask a dental lab to make it for them and then charge the patient double the price. You will be billed around $300-700 if you get a dental guard from your dentist. Now you can get rid of your dental woes by allowing to relieve your jaw pain with an adaptable dental guard.

How to Use Your Night Guard

Step 1– A kit, along with detailed instructions, will be delivered to you.

Step 2– From the kit; pick out one putty each of white and blue colors.

Step 3– Join both the putty pieces together for a period of 45 seconds till they are completely blue.

Step 4– Once, the putty turns totally blue, roll the putty in a ‘finger’ or cylindrical form.

Step 5– Now fill the putty in the tray given and ensure that the tray is completely filled with putty.

Step 6– Press the putty-filled tray on your lower or upper set of teeth. Hold it still for 4 complete minutes and then remove the tray.

Step 7– Insert the impressions in the pre-paid packet provided and post it to a Night Guard Lab. The mouth guard will be delivered to your doorstep in a few days. You will end up saving 70% of your expense by not visiting your dentist!

Night Guard Lab will even give you a twenty percent discount off the price if you already have an impression. A twenty percent rebate email is added in your mail order. You just need to print the email and post it along with the molds to the Night Guard Lab to get your rebate!

Which Is The Most Suitable Night Guard For Myself?


Durable acrylic is used to make these Night dental Guards. They are solid on the inside and the outside. They are developed to help Heavy to Medium teeth clenchers.

Hard Acrylic Night Guard, for nighttime protection, is supposed to be worn at night, when you are asleep, if you are a habitual Heavy to Medium clenchers.

Slimline Hard Acrylic Day Guard, a transparent and thin guard, is ideal to be worn throughout the day by working adults or by teens, who are learning to adjust to a mouth guard. It is suitable for habitual Heavy to Medium clenchers.

Hard Acrylic Night Guard and PLUS Slimline – (Hard Acrylic Day Guard) (you will save $43.99 with our 20% combo price cut).

The Combo package mentioned above consists of both the guards at a special cut price. In case you are a habitual Heavy to Moderate grinder and grind your teeth all day and all night, this combo package is your solution to protect your teeth twice as much.


The exterior of these guards is made of hard acrylic and their interior is made of soft laminate for additional cushioning, comfort and protection. The guards are intended for Medium to light clenchers.

Dual Laminate Night Guard has a hard exterior ad a soft interior. It is recommended for nightwear, during your sleep, in case you are a Moderate or Light grinder.

Slimline Dual Laminate Day Guard, this is a more flexible guard in comparison to the Dual Laminate Night Guard and can endure much more pressure. People who are Moderate to light grinders can wear this to work or at home throughout the day.

Dual Laminate Night Guard PLUS Slimline Dual Laminate Day Guard (20 you will save $35.99 with our 20% combo price cut). The Combo package mentioned above consists of both the guards at a special cut price. In case you are a habitual Moderate to light grinder and grind your teeth all day and all night, this combo package is your solution to protect your teeth twice as much.


Out of all the products of Night Guard Lab, the Soft Guards are lightweight and the most comfortable. They are manufactured using a supple laminate and are a perfect solution for Moderate to light grinders.

Besides being flexible and durable, Soft Night Guards are very comfortable to be worn by Moderate to light grinders at night.

Slimline Soft Day Guards are thin and discreet guards for daytime use, designed specifically for working adults. They are suitable for Moderate to light grinders.

Soft NG PLUS Slimline Soft Day Guard (you will save $28.96 with our 20% combo price cut). The Combo package mentioned above consists of both the goods at a special cut price. If you are a habitual moderate to light grinder and grind your teeth all day and all night, this combo package is your solution to protect your teeth twice as much.

The ordering procedure is quite direct and saves your money and time. As a result, you get a cheaper and better mouth guard than you would from your personal dentist!


Q. Will I be able to speak while my NG is on?

A. Yes, absolutely. You can freely talk with your Night Guard on. You will feel very comfortable wearing it as it is tailor-made to perfectly fit your teeth. Also, your tongue will be able to move freely without any trouble.

Q. What materials are used in making this Night Guard?

A. Night Guards are made from either soft laminate or acrylic. All guards are manufactured using energy-absorbing laminates which are FDA-approved. These are non-latex, hypoallergenic materials. Maximum comfort of the user was kept in mind while selecting the materials for the mouth guards.

Q. How should I decide what kind of dental NG would be suitable for me?

A. if you have received any advice from your personal dentist, it is recommended that you follow it. In case you haven’t, find out which of your teeth, lower or upper, show the least signs of damage. They are sharper out of the two sets and the Night Guard needs to be worn on them. But you can always wear on the opposite set if that is more comfortable. In any case, both sets will be protected from further damage. If you are in the habit of very heavy grinding, Acrylic NG may not be suitable for you because it may be unable to tolerate pressure more than 200 lbs, which is usually common for heavy clenchers.

Q. How can I care for and keep the NG clean?

A. Use a guard cleaning solution, like Ortho Clean, mix it with some water and leave your mouth guard in the mixture to soak. This will eliminate all harmful bacteria, germs and plaque as well as remove odor.

Q. What should I do if the NG I receive is ill-fitting?

A. Our lab technicians will always be there to help you adjust your dental guard in case of any such problem. You can call our customer service phone number and ask for the assistance of one of our dental staff.

Q. Can I know of any product for teeth-whitening that I can get with this order?

A. A product known as Pro-White Teeth is additionally offered by Night Guard Lab. It is well-liked and affordable. Even though the complete teeth whitening set is sold at $99.95, you can get a considerable price off if you place an order of it along with your dental guard! The entire system consists of 3 whitening gel (carbamide peroxide) tubes (6 treatments in every syringe). It is used with distinct made-to-order whitening trays and will make your teeth ten times lighter in about 7 to 10 days with continuous use.


• Bespoke models developed from impressions that are easy to make and can be made by the user at home.

• All mouth guards are created using hypoallergenic, latex-free, FDA-approved materials.

• All mouth guards are durable and lightweight.


More effective and cheaper than mouth guards your personal dentist gives you.

  • Relief from symptoms of clenching/grinding is 100% guaranteed.
  • A wide variety of options to suit all needs.
  • A perfectly comfortable fit.
  • An at-home convenient molding process. No need for an expensive visit to your dentist.
  • A considerable discount to customers who already have molds.
  • On-time delivery.
  • Customer service 24/7.
  • Coupons: “freeship” (Free Shipping), “buynow2009″, ” buynow2010″, “buynow2011″ (10% OFF), “fanus” ($15 OFF).


• No personal contact with any professional dental technician. But, this feature saves 70% on the cost and technicians of Lab at NG are always available on call to assist you.


Here, at, we do not offer any products for sale. We just assess and evaluate them. However, we certainly seek out for the top vendors and prices available online and for the dental guard the best price is offered by NightGuardLab website (Click here for their price list)

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