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GrindReliefN description

Dr. Joe Pelerin, a dentist who has an experience of over thirty years and is still in practice, designed the GrindReliefN dental guard. This dental guard helps stop bruxism or nighttime teeth grinding. This habit is seriously damaging, physically as well as financially. Bruxism can lead to pain in the neck, head, and jaw and can cause teeth chipping and breaking. In severe cases, extreme bite pressure will eventually necessitate a dire need to undergo root canal surgery.

According to Dr. Pelerin, although a number of people are aware of the problem; several others experience painful bruxism symptoms without realizing that they are a result of nighttime grinding. In case you do not consider yourself a nighttime grinder, you will observe that symptoms of night clenching will substantially reduce after you start using the GrindReliefN.

This device is FDA-approved and has a unique feature known as the Central Power Bar. This little plastic bar emphasizes your bite force on your teeth’s anterior midline. This feature has the ability to reduce the habit of clenching by 70 percent. As claimed by Dr.Pelerin, this feature does not exist in some conventional mouth guards and encourages more forceful clenching than before. Though such guards protect your teeth against further damage, they are unable to eliminate the habit. GrindReliefN reprograms the nerves and the jaw muscles so that the habit is totally eliminated.

GrindReliefN has another distinct feature; it fits only on the front 6-8 teeth on the lower jaw. This guarantees utmost comfort and a restful sleep. The kit includes the molding instructions. The outer shell of the mouth guard is hard with a thermoplastic inner layer. When heated in very hot water, the guard becomes flexible. The temperature of the thermoplastic increases after immersing it in hot water, then allow the guard to slightly cool before setting it on your lower front teeth according to the instructions. You can repeatedly soften the thermoplastic and adjust the fitting without damaging the dental guard.


Q. Are people who have a habit of teeth grinding aware of their habit?

A. People mostly become aware of their habit of nightly teeth grinding after they start observing apparent teeth damage. But many people just experience symptoms like headaches, neck and shoulder pains and do not usually link it to bruxism. Chances are that most people are unaware of their grinding habit as they mostly do it while they are asleep. Increased stress due to the fast-paced modern lifestyle is a very significant cause of the rise in the number of bruxism cases.

Q. How can I identify my need for a GrindReliefN?

A. If you wake up repeatedly with headaches and shoulder, neck, jaw and ear pain, you require a GrindReliefN. If you are encountering any such symptoms, it implies that you are not sleeping restfully. This increases stress and the habit of teeth grinding continues. Moreover, you must know that bruxism seldom disappears itself. It is important not to overlook your symptoms because the result of not taking any initiative to cure this habit can be grave and prolonged and can cause damage that is permanent and expensive.

Q. How will this device solve my problem of clenching or grinding?

A. GrindReliefN works as a result of two corresponding processes. It prevents both the jaws from coming into contact when molded correctly after following instructions. Furthermore, this patented and FDA-approved device is incorporated with a unique feature known as the Central Power Bar. This is developed to focus the bite force on the teeth’s anterior midline. It has been scientifically proven to reduce the action of the jaw muscles by 70 percent.

Although other such devices may protect your teeth in the short term, they are actually unable to avert the urge to grind or clench. Using such devices may in fact result in more forceful grinding than before. Using the GrindReliefN continuously will serve to eradicate bruxism permanently.

Q. Have other people observed any improvement in their habit of teeth clenching after using GrindReliefN?

A. Absolutely! The GrindReliefN mouth guard has been highlighted in the news and on TV. Moreover, you can find extensive video testimonials on the website of GrindReliefN. Many patients, after using the GrindReliefN mouth guard, have claimed to have gotten rid of their previous teeth problems and other painful symptoms like headaches, neck and shoulder pains.

Q. What is the difference between the GrindReliefN and a mouth guard manufactured by my personal dentist?

A. Dr. Joe Perlin, a registered dentist with an experience of more than thirty years, conceived and developed the GrindReliefN. Till now, it has helped several thousand people to relieve their symptoms, as proof of its ability to work as efficiently as any appliance manufactured by your personal dentist. The best part is, with GrindReliefN you get a money-back offer within 30 days, only for $69. Purchasing this is more economical than purchasing such devices from your personal dentist.


• Designed to fit on the 6-8 lower front teeth, the GrindReliefN prevents bruxism by not letting the upper and lower teeth to come into contact.

• The device has a distinct Central Power Bar feature which helps overcome the grinding habit.

• FDA-approved, lightweight materials are used to make GrindReliefN mouth guards that are easy to clean and durable.


  • The distinct Central Power Bar works well to eliminate the habit while other such devices fail to do so. The device reprograms the muscles and nerves, eliminating the urge to clench.
  • The self-molding method is quite simple and does not require a dental visit.
  • GrindReliefN can be adjusted many times by reheating and molding to fit properly. For your convenience, a money-back offer is given by the company within 30 days.
  • For only USD 69.00 (to get a $10 concession, you may utilize the “EXTRA10” promo). This device is quite affordable and very much cheaper than a device manufactured by your personal dentist.
  • For any queries or concerns, there is a convenient customer service to cater to them.


• It is not suitable to be used by children who are under 12 years of age and those with braces or crooked lower teeth.

• GrindReliefN is not to be used by one and all. To get further information regarding those for whom this is not suitable, view the GrindReliefN instructional video.


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