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About denLAB Direct Dental Lab

denLAB Direct is a UK manufacturer of dental accessories and mouth guards who has recently opened up a U.S. production facility and offers free shipping in both locations as well as shipping to many other countries.

This makes denLAB Direct a great option for both our U.S. and UK readers. We’ll run through pricing options and product availability for both countries, but please note that you’ll get the best deal by going to the specific website for your country.

denLAB also tends to offer country-specific deals on its websites, creating a better price than many online retailers.




Product Features

denLAB has a full production facility in the UK, so its range of products there is slightly larger than those available outside of the UK. We’ve reviewed each of the options available in the UK and the U.S., but your needs can likely be met regardless of where you live.

All of the guards seem to be very high-quality materials with plenty of strength and protection against even the strongest of biting, clenching, and grinding.


The 8 Main Guards

Customers in the UK have access to 8 different guards to match all manner of bruxism and teeth grinding needs, while customers in the U.S. have access to just seven guards. Whether your problem is minimal or severe, you’ll find a top guard at a price that’s markedly reduced compared to NHS or other major dental products.

Your product options are:

instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Guard – Standard: This is a semi-custom boil-and-bite mouth guard that is made using a model of human teeth. These models come with a standard, peppermint, or antibacterial option and are made for the lightest of grinding and clenching. The package will include the boil-bite-tray for either your upper or lower teeth depending on your order. This guard is currently only available in the UK.




instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Soft 2mm: This is a custom-moulded teeth guard that is recommended for minimal to moderate teeth grinding and bruxism. The material is made to be very soft and focus as much on protection as it does comfort so you can sleep through the night peacefully. Models are available for both your upper or lower teeth.


instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Soft 3mm: This is the second custom-moulded guard in the denLAB offering and it too is made for minimal to moderate teeth grinding and bruxism. The material is slightly thicker and will provide a little more protection while still remaining comfortable as you sleep. Models are available for both your upper or lower teeth. This option may also work well for slightly larger mouths.


instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Semi-Hard 2mm: denLAB created this semi-hard night guard option for medium to heavy teeth grinding and bruxism. The material is stronger and adds an extra bit of protection for your teeth and gums. It’s harder to bite through and does not wear down as quickly as the softer material, but it will be slightly heavier feeling in your mouth. As with all guards, you select either the upper or lower teeth.


instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Semi-Hard 3mm: The thicker option for medium to heavy grinding, clenching, and bruxism will give you an added layer of protection thanks to a 50% thicker guard. This works best if you’re closer to the medium level of grinding and up to heavy clenching. You also get added bite protection when you select this guard for your upper or lower teeth.


instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Dual-Laminate 2mm: If you fall on the heavy to severe side of teeth grinding or bruxism, a dual-laminate option may be the right fit for you. This combines a hard outer shell with a soft inner layer to give you maximum strength while remaining comfortable for your sleep. The guard will be tough enough to prevent chewing but aims not to irritate your gums. You can select this guard for either your upper or lower teeth.


instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Dual-Laminate 3mm: If you tend to be a severe teeth grinder, clencher, or sufferer of bruxism, you’ll want to stick with the thicker dual-laminate model. The increased thickness is for its hard outer layer so you still get comfort but the guard will last longer and take much more punishment before needing to be replaced. Customers say that this guard is comfortable enough with its increased heft. Get top protection when you choose this guard for either your lower or upper teeth.


instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Hard: Your final option in the UK is the Hard teeth grinding night guard. This is a single layer of very hard 2mm material that focuses on protecting your teeth at all costs. It is slightly less bulky than the laminate option, though it has less of a comfort focus, and is best for severe grinding or bruxism if you have a small mouth. This is the toughest option and best for those with the worst problems and can be selected for upper or lower teeth.



Your UK Options

For the UK site, each selection gets its own button, so be sure you’re clicking on the right model to help you with your specific need.

UK Product Offerings

instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Guard – Standard
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Soft 2mm
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Soft 3mm
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Semi-Hard 2mm
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Semi-Hard 3mm
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Dual-Laminate 2mm
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Dual-Laminate 3mm
instaGRIND® Teeth Grinding Night Guard – Hard


Your Impression Kit

The denLAB custom products will come with their own impression kit so you can create the molds you’ll need to get your guard perfect.

Included in your kit are:

  • Impression putty
  • Impression trays
  • Instruction guide
  • Impression medical bag
  • Return mailing bag

These will help you create the guard just right when following the steps below.


Creating Impressions

denLAB has developed its own “Self-Impression System” that allows you to take your own impression and not visit the dental lab. You’ll then send in your mold to the local laboratory to have your device made.

The overall impression process has just five simple steps no matter where you are:

  1. Place your order for one of the custom-fit products. denLAB will ship you an impression kit for free.
  2. Create your impression by carefully following the instructions. The company says you’ll only need about 5 minutes to create the mold and that the essential parts are properly mixing the putty for 30 seconds and taking a deep and central bite into the putty.
  3. Send your impression kit back through the provided medical bag that’s already ready to post.
  4. The company will check the impressions once received.
  5. The product will be mailed to you, free of charge, within 10 days (You will get the final product + carry case)

If you’ve selected a boil-and-bite model, however, you won’t need to send the product back to the lab. While the guard is originally formed on a baseline of human teeth, it will conform to your mouth during the specific creation instructions.




Custom fit to your own teeth. All of these night guards, with the exception of the “Standard” version are made in a lab by professionals.

Affordable – You can save hundreds when you order these instead of getting one from a dentist.

There are eight different night guards to choose from depending on the severity of grinding



Some people report that the top of the night guard irritates the gums at night, but others did not have problem with that.

Though most people can get the impression right the first time, if you need to do it again for some reason, you will need to buy a new kit.



Is the Impression Kit Easy to Use?

Yes! The impression kit is extremely easy to use. It will come with putty that you can place into a special tray. Once in the tray, you will insert it into your mouth and bite down. This biting motion will leave an impression of your teeth in the putty. When the putty hardens, you will send it back to denLAB and they will get to work making your own, personalized night guard. It typically takes 7 to 10 days before you get it back. Each kit comes with complete instructions for doing the impression at home.


How do I know if I should order an upper or lower mouth guard?

80 percents of the people who order custom mouth guard prefer an upper night guard, because it does not restrict the tongue movement. Although it is a matter of preference, it is a good idea to check with the dentist to see what she or he recommends. It is also a good idea to choose the mouth guard for the teeth that are less damaged by bruxism.


How Long Does a denLAB Night Guard Last?

In most cases, a night guard from denLAB will last from six to eight months. However, some people report having them much longer than that depending on how much grinding you do and how well you care for your mouth guard.


What is the Best Way to Care for the denLAB Night Guard?

In order to clean your denLAB night guard, the company recommends using their own disinfecting tablets called Nitradine Disinfectant Tablets. You should also be brushing your night guard following each use with a non-abrasive toothpaste. Rinse then store when dry.




Final Recommendation:

If you are interested in a night guard, the line of night guards from denLAB should certainly be some you should consider. These night guards are highly recommended, the company has an excellent reputation and most people who choose these night guards over others will be happy with their pick.


Here, at, we do not offer any products for sale. We just assess and evaluate them. However, we certainly seek out for the top vendors and prices available online.



UK Business Location:

Denlab International Holdings Limited, Trafford House, Platt Fold Street, Leigh, Greater Manchester, WN7 1JH, UK

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