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About offers three different mouth guard solutions to help you reduce the pain and suffering associated with teeth grinding and clenching, called bruxism.

The affordable mouth guards are made through the online store to ensure a right order while reducing the costs compared to a dentist’s office. The company uses a family-owned dental lab in San Diego County, California and has been providing dentists with custom products for more than 10 years.

The company’s lab is run by a dental technician with more than 20 years of experience in the industry and who ensures the fit of each guard. The human bite can generate more than 200 pounds of force, so a perfect fit is a necessity.

All guards are made of FDA-approved, dental-grade materials so you don’t have to worry about harmful BPAs or plasticides. The company also offers a 110% money-back guarantee.



How it works

ProTeethGuard creates completely custom night guards based on self-made impressions of your teeth. After receiving your kit and making the mold, send it back to the lab so a technician and make a cast of your teeth. The lab tech then uses this to create your custom mouth guard.



The company touts a 3 step process:

  1. Order your guard type online to receive an impression kit in the mail.
  2. Bite into the putty you make with the kit to create an impression. The entire process takes about 15 minutes.
  3. Mail the impression back in the prepaid envelope to soon receive your personalized night guard. You won’t pay any shipping costs during the entire process.

The impression kit itself comes with four parts:

  1. Prepaid return envelope.
  2. Packages of impression putty. An extra set of putty is provided in case of a mistake.
  3. 2 upper trays so you can choose the best fit.
  4. Lower tray.

Unlike many other brands, ProTeethGuard requires an impression of your top and bottom teeth. This is to make sure they get a good understanding of your mouth because the way you bite down and how your teeth sit can impact how well mouth guards work. Guards that only use one set of teeth may cause pain and pressure.


Different types and features

ProTeethGuard offers three different kinds of mouth guards to help with bruxism: Soft, Hybrid and Hard.

1. Soft Guard Design

The Soft guard design includes:

  • Protection against light to moderate teeth grinding.
  • Cushioning to protect against teeth clenching instead of grinding.
  • Flexible, rubber construction.
  • Lasts for 6 months to 2 years.

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2. Hybrid Guard Design:

The Hybrid guard design includes:

  • Protection against moderate to heavy teeth grinding.
  • A dual-laminate construction so it is hard on the outside and soft on the inside.
  • Comfort fit with softer inside.
  • Lasts for between 1 and 3 years.

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3. Hard Guard Design:

The Hard guard design includes:

  • Protection for heavy to severe teeth grinding.
  • A rigid construction from a plastic called Acrylic, a professional dental material.
  • Tough design that can last for 2 to 5 years.

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How to choose the most suitable one

ProTeethGuard recommends that you get a night guard based on the intensity of your teeth grinding. Most customers have found the Hybrid guard to be best suited to their needs and most comfortable because it provides an inner soft layer and a durable outer layer.

  • It recommends the Soft guard for light to moderate grinding or if you clench your teeth.

  • The Hybrid model should be used for moderate to heavy teeth grinding.

  • The Hard model is reserved for heavy to severe grinding.




   Taking an upper and lower impression provides a better fit than many competitors;

    Custom-made for each individual customer;

    Three levels of protection for different levels of grinding;

    Same quality and materials as mouth guards from a dentist’ office;

    Simple home impression kit with photos;

    Free shipping and fast delivery;

    110% money-back satisfaction guarantee;

    More durable and better fitting than store-bought models.



    The guards are only as good as the impression the client can make;

    Guards may cause a small shift in the bite;

    There is no dentist you can discuss your options with;

    Customers must choose the right mouth guard for them, which may lead to a stronger or weaker guard than what is needed.


Available coupon code:

The coupon code is “TOP10GUARD” (in capital letters) for $10 off the order. It expires August 31, 2014.

How to apply the coupon:

To apply the coupon, you need to click on “view cart” and there’s a coupon slot on the right.




  Which night guard should I order?

First and foremost, you should rely on your dentist’s recommendation. Alternatively, go based on your teeth grinding or clenching severity. The company says its hybrid guard is its most popular since it offers comfort and can support heavy grinding.

  What are the guards made of?

ProTeethGuard uses only professional-grade dental materials for your night guard, literally the same thing your dentist would use. The Hard guard uses a hard clear plastic called acrylic. The Soft guard uses an FDA-approved material called ProFlav. The Hybrid guard is made of a dual-laminate.

  How do I take my impression?

The company will send you a kit to take your impressions. Follow the instruction booklet, which contains photos, and the process should take just 15 minutes.

  How long does it take to get my guard?

There are two parts to your order. First, it takes about 2 business days to ship your initial order, so you’ll get the kit within 3 to 6 business days. Once returned, it takes 5 to 8 days to create the mouth guard and then ship it back. All-in-all, the company says the process takes about 3 weeks.

  What if the night guard doesn’t fit?

The company says there is a very low chance of the guard not fitting and that it has a very high success rate. If, however, yours doesn’t fit then it will either replace your mouth guard or provide you your money back through its 110% money-back guarantee.

  Is it really the same quality as dentists offer?

Yes! The San Diego lab makes guards for dentists as well as individuals, so it uses the same process for both.

The reason the price is lower is because you aren’t paying a dentist’s markup and you make the impression yourself. For the vast majority of people who suffer from grinding and clenching, custom mouth guards are exactly the same as what a dentist would offer.


Final Say offers professional-grade mouth guards that can help you with varying levels teeth clenching and grinding severity. Each guard is custom made, but like all molds it may difficult for some to create or uncomfortable. The practice of taking both an upper and lower mold means you’re less likely to have issues related to fit. However, this limits their operations to upper guards. The company’s 110% money-back guarantee shows a strong commitment to getting your mold right. offers a safe, quality alternative to dentist mouth guards at a fraction of the price. The company offers a good set of guards that take your mouth well into consideration. Click Here To Enter


Business Location:

ProTeethGuard – 2510 South Santa Fe Ave. Suite D8, Vista, CA, 92084

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