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Teeth grinding and jaw clenching is such an annoying habit, and many people cannot help this as it is an unconscious behavior done while sleeping. This habit can plague you and take your world over causing you to lose good sleep, suffer from headaches and jaw pain, and cost you money for repair of the damage it does to your teeth enamel.

The Eliminator Pro Night Guard is a mouth guard that is placed in your mouth at night to help combat the symptoms and effects of teeth grinding. It is an over the counter solution that is priced very affordably, and that you can simply mold by the boil and bite method. It is one of hundreds of mouth guards available on the market that is contending with high-profile, and very expensive dental mouth guards.


Eliminator Pro Night Guard Features

The Eliminator Pro Night Guard is marketed as both a snore aid and also a night guard that helps conditions such as Bruxism (teeth grinding), and teeth clenching. It is offered at a very low price and usually retails for under $50 US dollars.

The Eliminator Pro Night Guard has many similar features and characteristics like some of the other mouth guard brands we have reviewed, however it is unique as well in many ways.

  • Boil and Bite Method for Custom Fit (Takes less than 5 minutes)
  • Adjustable so you set the placement of your jaw where it is most and effective- it can be
  • calibrated easily to lock in place where it is naturally comfortable.
  • FDA Approved, BPA Free, and Certified as a Safe Medical Device
  • Recently redesigned for a better experience
  • It’s is a single mouthpiece that covers both upper and lower sets of teeth

When you purchase the Eliminator Pro Night Guard you will get a full set of instructions which includes all the details you need to use the boil and bite technique to properly fit and mold your guard to your bite. Additionally, the Eliminator Pro Night Guard includes a storage case, and one Eliminator Pro Night Guard.


Eliminator Pro Night Guard Common Questions

We have taken the opportunity to list some of the most common questions that consumers often ask in reference to the Eliminator Pro Night Guard.


Does the Eliminator Pro Adjustable Night Guard require a dental impression?

No. You get the device on purchase sent to you without the havoc of taking and impression and sending it back for it to be molded. Instead this night guard, mouth guard works to fit by the boil and fit method that is thoroughly explained through the in-detail instructions that come with your night guard.


Is the Eliminator Pro Night Guard good for tongue biting?

Although this product can duo as a snore aid and protection against bruxism, the product does not claim to prevent tongue biting. However, it does keep your teeth encased and your jaw aligned (as you set it to your level)- so tongue biting may be prevented as well with it.


What is the average life-span of the Eliminator Pro Night Guard?

The Eliminator Pro is highly durable like most night guards. However, if not cared for properly it could shorten the life-span of it. Be sure to clean it regularly, keep it stored in a cool, dry place, and it will last you several years.


Will the Eliminator Pro Night Guard Change my Bite?

Although the Eliminator Pro does set the jaw in a different placement, it should not interfere with your bite- or cause your teeth to shift. If you have concerns about any aesthetic or physical side effects being brought on by the use of this product, we suggest you consult with your dental professional.


Would you suggest the Eliminator Pro to individuals that are mouth breathers?

This device is rather large. Some people can close their lips around it, but it does have a bulk about it that may be an impairment for those who breathe with their mouths wide open.


Will the Eliminator Pro Make my teeth hurt?

The Eliminator Pro should not cause any discomfort in your jaw, sores in your mouth, or gum and teeth pain. If you are experiencing any of these negative symptoms you should contact support for guidance or discontinue use of the night guard until symptoms and pain subside.


Does the Eliminator Pro Night Guard come with a guarantee?

Yes. From the looks of it customer service and the Eliminator Pro company highly backs their products by covering any costs loss by damage to the product or dissatisfaction with the product. (These terms may vary- but this is based on research and customer accounts with the company.)



Eliminator Pro Night Guard Pros

When perusing the many reviews online about the Eliminator Pro Night Guard from customers just like you we found that this night guard had many benefits that pleased the user.

  • Works for both anti-snoring and bruxism (but not for both)
  • Customer Service is a Pleasure to Work With & Fast Delivery
  • Instructions Were Well Presented
  • Comfortable to Wear at Night


Eliminator Pro Night Guard Cons

Most of the complaints or negative feedbacks that were posted on the Eliminator Pro Night Guard were very common with other complaints received for night guard products made similarly. So these complaints are not just exclusive to this specific night guard.

  • Too large for small jaws, bites and mouths
  • Material did not withstand 3 weeks of hard-core snoring and bruxism
  • May cause pain associated with its over-sized nature


Eliminator Pro Night Guard Company Info

The Eliminiator Pro Night Guard was developed by a dental professional from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. It is the sole product name for the maker that produces the snore-aid adjustable mandibular device (which also doubles as a bruxism solvent.)

Because it was designed especially by a medical professional it is acclaimed respectively for being a great product for its intended use and more. This company backs its device and professionalism by offering exceptional customer service, and a money-back guarantee offer on their products.


Eliminator Pro Night Guard Bottom Line

The Eliminator Pro Night Guard may not be ideal for individuals who are not used to wearing mouth guards at night, and that have a smaller to average sized mouth and bite than most. Additionally, it also has received mixed reviews from customers who have either received the product already damaged in the mail or have had it fall apart after 3 weeks of successful use with it.

However, the Eliminator Pro Night Guard is a decent option for those looking for an inexpensive, but effective solution for teeth grinding. According to a combination of all customer reviews on the Eliminator Pro, it appears to work proficiently at preventing Bruxism and carries very few adversities with its use for the majority who have purchased it.

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