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Doctor’s NightGuard – Advanced Comfort

An estimated 95% of people are in the habit of nighttime teeth grinding. This activity wields about 200 lbs of pressure every night. As time passes, this habit can result in excessive dental damage.

The Doctor’s NightGuard Advanced Comfort Dental Protector easily fits on your upper molars and helps prevent clenching of teeth during sleep.

The patented design of this dental guard consists of an interior made using a soft substance to provide a cushion-like feel and to act as a shock absorber. It has a sturdy exterior that shields against bite pressure and prevents teeth clenching.

How to Use Your Doctor’s Night Guard

Step 1 – Fill a pot with water to a depth of maximum 3 inches. Bring the water to boil and let it boil continuously for a minute. Now lower the mouth guard carefully in the water with channel facing downwards.

Step 2 – Let the guard stay in the boiling water for about 50 seconds before removing it.

Step 3 – To ensure proper fitting, you are supposed to bite your teeth into the soft substance no later than 20 seconds of removing the guard from the water. For accuracy, use your timer.

Step 4 – Use a fork or a slotted spoon to retrieve the mouth guard from the pot. Lay it on a plate with channel facing upwards. Initiate the timer for accurately 20 seconds and wait.

Step 5 – Pick the dental guard immediately and hold the sturdy underside. Avoid touching the sticky material on top.

Step 6 – With a mirror in front of you, place the dental guard in your mouth. Position the tips of your front teeth as near from edge of the mouth guard as you can. Hold your teeth steadily in place in alignment with the guard.

Step 7 – When the timer completes 20 seconds, bite into the dental guard with all of your teeth so that they touch the bottom of your dental guard. Continue to bite down into it.

Step 8 – with your mouth closes, strongly suck in to pull the plastic substance to the rood of your mouth and to the sides of your teeth. Push the plastic upwards with the help of your tongue. Now open your mouth and, using both your thumbs, fit the substance securely around the entire set of your teeth.

Step 9 – Now wait for another 30 seconds with the mouth guard in position, biting into it and creating an occasional suction. When the mouth guard stays locked in position, it means that you now have completed the molding procedure successfully. The soft substance will now have cooled adequately, properly fitting the contours of your mouth.


Q. How should I keep the SleepRight mouth guard clean?

A. taking good care of your mouth guard will extend its life. Use an effective denture cleanser like Efferdent and mix it with water. Soak your mouth guard in the mixture for a maximum of 15 minutes. Your dental protector will soon be free of any bacteria or odor. Rinse and dry the device thoroughly before storing it in the case when it is not being used. Store the device at a temperature under 100°F.

Q. How is Doctor’s NightGuard Advanced Comfort any different from other regular guards available in the market?

A. Doctor’s® NightGuard™ Advanced Comfort™ mouth guard was developed by a dentist and enhances comfort with its soft interior aligning your teeth. The soft layer can be easily molded by you to get a custom fitting. The double-layer patented design has a sturdy exterior to shield against bite pressure and prevent teeth grinding.

Q. What should I do if the device is too big to fit in my mouth comfortably?

A. If in case, your dental guard protrudes further than your back teeth during the molding process, remove the guard and with a sharp knife or a single-edge razor blade, carefully shorten it.

Q. Can I remold my dental protector if I am unable to get a good fitting the first time?

A. Of course! You simple need to lower your dental protector into the boiling water again. Wait for it to slightly and then roughly press it back into its original form. Now repeat the entire molding procedure from Step 1.


• The double-layer patented design, developed by a dentist, comprises of a soft top layer to provide padding for teeth and a solid bottom layer to shield against bite pressure and prevent teeth grinding.
• The device is available in several different sizes.
• Users can mold the mouth guard conveniently at home.
• A storage case comes along with the device.
• Found in two sizes- the “Classic” size can be used by everyone whereas the “Advanced Comfort” model is a slimmer and flexible model, it is mild on your mouth and can be easily trimmed if required.


  • Priced at less than $20, Doctor’s NightGuard™ Advanced Comfort mouth guard undoubtedly is extremely cheap in comparison to a dentist’s visit for molding such a device.
  • This device was developed by an expert dentist, assuring customers of its legitimacy.
  • The dental guard is available in several different sizes that can be trimmed very easily to give a perfect fitting.
  • Comfort and effectiveness, both are maximized with this patented device.
  • The guard’s slim structure and the material’s flexibility enable you to comfortably sleep with a closed mouth.


• The mouth guard is a little tricky mold at home and needs patience. But, in case of a mistake, you are able to start from the beginning and repeat the entire procedure all over again. The product costs very less in comparison to a mouth guard you get from your dentist so the little inconvenience of molding the guard is worth the effort.
• No personal contact with any professional dental technician. But, the product was developed by an expert dentist and has a state-of-the-art patented design.

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