“Do It Yourself” Dental Impression Kit : Full Review

About “Do It Yourself” Dental Impression Kit

Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit is dental lab that can make you the right dental night guard or sports guard to through an at-home kit. The company also makes a wide range of other dental products and tools for dentists and consumers, using top FDA-grade materials.

For grinding, the company offers a single mouth guard designed with a dual-layer polymer that provides a soft cushion inside and a hard outside to be nice to your mouth and teeth from fit to protection.

The impression kit allows for a custom-made mouth guard to be made with just a few simple steps. The company also offers videos and walkthroughs to help you with the molding process.

For issues with the device, there’s a 30-day window for replacements or adjustments. If you’re unsatisfied, the same 30-day window applies to a 50% refund if the device is returned unbroken.


How it works

Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit has a five-step process to develop your custom dental device.

  1. Order the $19 teeth impression kit from its store. You’ll get an emailed receipt the same day.
  2. On the next business day, you’ll get an email with your shipping information and tracking number.
  3. When your kit arrives, take the impression of your teeth and mail it back with the prepaid shipping box included in the kit.
  4. You’ll get an email as soon as the company has received your impression. They will then bill you for the dental device you’ve selected and send you an email receipt.
  5. The device takes about 10 business days to make and then the company will ship it to you as well as email you a tracking number for your device.

The kit shipped by Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit creates custom products molded to your mouth. These products require molds of your top and bottom teeth and the kit offers some helpful directions to get these to come out right.

Most customers have reported that the kit is easy to use, but be sure to properly mix the putty and follow directions for covering the impression trays. Be sure not to pull the putty out of the tray or seal the plastic bag provided


Different types and features

Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit offers two different kinds of mouth guards: ITA-1101 Custom Comfort NiteGard for night time use and the ITA-1111 Sports Mouthpiece for active use.

1. The ITA-1101 Custom Comfort NiteGard

The ITA-1101 Custom Comfort NiteGardis the only guard this company offers to help prevent damage and pain from grinding or clenching teeth in your sleep.



The ITA-1101 Custom Comfort NiteGard’s design includes features like:

  • 3mm thick dual-polymer plastic design for strength;
  • Features soft inside for the gums and hard outside to stay tough;
  • Allows the user to close their mouth completely;
  • Can serve as a retainer;
  • Smaller and more durable than boiled guards;
  • Manufactured for either the upper or lower teeth;
  • Longevity depends on the level of bruxism.

2. The ITA-1111 Sports Mouthpiece

The ITA-1111 Sports Mouthpiece is one of the first customized sports mouthpieces available outside of a dentist’s office. It prevents complete clenching of the jaw and related hormone and stress release, giving athletes longer staying power during a game or training.

Benefits of training with an ITA-1111 Sports Mouthpiece include:

  • Increased reaction time;
  • Reduced bodily stress;
  • Reduced jaw impact;
  • Improved training by opening airways and causing less lactic acid build-up after exercising;
  • Also protects the teeth like other mouth guards.


How to choose the most suitable one

The big difference between the two products comes from the type of use you would like. If you clench or grind your teeth at night, then the Custom Comfort NiteGard is the right fit for you. This allows you to close your mouth entirely during sleep, a big benefit.

For sportsmen and athletes, the ITA-1111 Sports Mouthpiece is a great fit since it keeps your mouth open to prevent clenching or compressing your airway. It provides long-lasting benefits for training and games, but is not designed for use at rest or at night.



     Uses only FDA approved materials.

     Customers almost universally report a great fit.

     Saves time and money compared to a dentist.

     Uses a very advanced material for both strength and comfort.

     30 day replacement guarantee.

     Provide contact information of an affiliated dentist near your location.



     Only one type of guard is available for each activity.

     The redo kit costs money.

     Not available in all areas.

     Some users have to watch the videos repeatedly to get the molding process right.

     Some users experience mixed quality when ordering multiple guards.

     No complete money-back guarantee and only 30 days for adjustments from the shipping date, not the receiving date.



   Is it available everywhere in the U.S.?

Do It Yourself Dental Impression Kit offers its services to customers in every state except Texas.

   What protection do I have?

You have 30 days, from the device’s shipping date, to return it unbroken in a carrying case for a free adjustment, free replacement or a 50% refund.

   How long can I wear the NiteGard?

It’s recommended to only wear it for a total of 12 hours during any 24-hour period.

  Can I wear my NiteGard guard during the day?

Yes! You can wear it during the day as long as you don’t exceed that 12-hour window. Many users find it comforting to wear during stressful times such as the daily commute.

   Can I talk with these in my mouth?

Both kinds of guards are fit just for your mouth and teeth, allowing you to talk and your tongue to move about. They are designed to let you go about your day or night without restriction.

   What is it made of?

The company sells ADL (Advanced Dual Laminate) guards made up of two different materials. The inside is comfortable for your teeth while the outside is hard for grinding and clenching protection.

   Are impressions easy to do at home?

Take your time and follow the step-by-step guide and you’ll get a great impression in no time. The company also has videos and images online to help you.

   How long does it take to get the guards?

It takes about 3 to 4 days for the box with your impressions to reach the lab. After that it takes 5 days to create them and another 2 to 3 days for the shipped guard to arrive. Estimate about 10 business days to get your guards back.

   What if they don’t fit?

The service will replace your guard by sending you a redo kit if the guards don’t fit. This costs $30: $12 for the kit and $18 for the shipping.

   What is bruxism?

Sparkling White Smiles guards are designed for involuntary teeth grinding and clenching, referred to as bruxism. This can generate force on the teeth, damaging them. Untreated, it can cause broken teeth and the loss of tooth enamel. Tooth sensitivity also increases when someone suffers from bruxism.


Final Say

Testimonials are largely positive but they’re also limited on the Web, making the service appear to be a safe bet but with few sources for verification. Customers are typically happy with the guards they receive and only a very small percentage has needed adjustments or replacements.

The redo kit costs you $30, which isn’t in-line with many competitors that offer these kits for free. It has one of the more popular sports guards, which gives the night guard product a boost to confidence and likely is a good fit for your mouth. Click Here To Enter “Do It Yourself” Dental Impression Kit Website.



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