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DenTek presents two effective mouth guards to help people deal with bruxism (teeth clenching). To provide a comfortable fitting, both dental guards were made using the minimum material possible. The mouth guards help keep the lower and upper teeth apart and as a result, prevent unconscious clenching and grinding.

Both dental guards are completely adjustable. Put your mouth guard in boiling water to soak. When it is sufficiently supple, you can remove it, let it cool slightly and bite into it to create an impression of your set of teeth. The device also has an adjustable jaw strap on either side. Clean your dental guard daily and hygienically dry it using a regular hair dryer. You will initially feel some discomfort when using your mouth guard because this device has a tight fitting and will take some time for your body to get used to it.

DenTek Custom Comfort model – This is a transparent device and is designed to be used on the lower teeth. The device is made using two layers of material and has a soft interior for easy fitting and comfort. The exterior surface is sturdy and durable. This gives the user added protection and contributes in extending the lifespan of the appliance.

DenTek Comfort Fit model – This device is developed to fit on the lower jaw. But many users claim that they have been able to mold it successfully to fit on the lower as well as the upper jaw. The device has an indicator that helps users gauge when they should discard their old guard and replace it with a new one. The retention band on the device enables the guard to firmly stay in position while you are asleep.


• The mouth guard is developed to fit on the lower jaw during sleep. However, you can mold it to use on your upper jaw as well, as stated by some users.
• The mouth guard has an adjustable band on either side. You can mold the mouth guard at home with ease by following the instructions sent with the device.
• DenTek mouth guards can be easily cleaned with warm water, using toothpaste and toothbrush, or a mouthwash.


  • DenTek Custom Comfort model has a durable surface that gives the device durability and enables the user to use it for a long span of time.
  • A money-back offer of one year is provided by the company on the device.
  • Priced at less than $30 USD, DenTek dental guard is undoubtedly is extremely cheap in comparison to a dentist’s visit for a customized device.


• Even though the website claims that the device is made using very less material, several consumers have complained that DenTek dental guards are somewhat bulky in the mouth.
• The materials used to construct the interior and exterior have a ridge in the middle that is somewhat noticeable and can cause discomfort to sensitive users.
• Dental guards like this one, are tight fitting and can cause acidic saliva to get trapped against the surface of your teeth the entire night causing cavities, in certain cases. Because the dental guard has a tight fitting, you need to be extra careful about cleaning it thoroughly.

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