Top 5 Labs for Custom Night Guards

We have reviewed the 5 most popular Custom night guards for Bruxism.

#1 – Sparkling White Smiles LLC Dental Lab

Operates and offers three affordable, custom-made mouth guards to meet their customers’ needs. Operating for more than 10 years, the company creates trust products for individuals, dentists, surgeons, neurologists and physical therapists. Guards can aid with all levels of tooth grinding and are created through a simple 4-step process. The safe, FDA-approved materials promise support and mouth protection for years to come.
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#2 – wants to help solve your teeth clenching and grinding problems through one of its three mouth guards. Accommodating light to severe grinding, ProTeethGuard provides guards from a family-owned dental lab in San Diego County that has been making products for dentists for over 10 years. All guards are custom made and custom fit specifically to your mouth using only the best, safest materials approved by the FDA and the dental industry. All products come with a 110% money-back guarantee.


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#3 – Sporting Smiles

Sporting Smiles offers mouth guards for bruxism created in a professional laboratory setting with full-time lab technicians who have more than 15 years’ experience under the direction of dentists with more than 30 years in practice. Its 6 different guards offer protection for all levels of grinding and clenching, plus options for those who don’t like bulky mouth guards. Each custom product comes with a 30-day free replacement guarantee and is BPA- and latex-free.


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#4 – J&S Dental Lab

J&S Dental Lab creates custom mouth guards in its San Francisco lab for surgeons, dentists, and now for you as well. J&S offers five different guards to meet all of your bruxism needs and can help you determine which to choose based on their name and material. Create these molds in the comfort of your own home and then receive a great guard in the mail in a short amount of time. The brand offers a lot of package options and sales, so you’re sure to get a great guard at a great price.


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#5 – denLAB Direct

denLAB Direct is a UK manufacturer of dental accessories and mouth guards who has recently opened up a U.S. production facility and offers free shipping in both locations as well as shipping to many other countries. This makes denLAB Direct a great option for both our U.S. and UK readers.



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