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This device is a hygienic mouth guard that is available with a “clam-shell” packaging container. You are recommended to wear it on your upper teeth. The kit also includes detailed molding instructions. The device is thermoformed and uses Form-Fit technology that guarantees a comfortable fitting once you have immersed the mouth guard into boiling water for around eight seconds as per instructions given. You should allow the guard to slightly cool off before biting into it to create an impression and molding it according to the shape of your upper set of teeth.

This transparent device has an even and smooth exterior to give maximum comfort while wearing it. The device is made using polycarbonate material which is quite durable and makes the device effective for heavy grinders too. The device helps diminish the painful symptoms experienced by patients of bruxism. It enables you to have the guard on all night and wake up in the morning refreshed after a restful sleep with no headache.


• Prevents the lower and upper teeth from coming into contact and as a result, alleviates the symptoms of teeth grinding or bruxism.
• The device includes detailed instructions to enable you to mold it at home.
• The device is transparent.
• The device is designed to be worn while sleeping.
• It is recommended to be used on the upper set of teeth.


  • It is perfect for users with a smaller mouth as it is not very bulky.
  • It is lightweight and allows users to sleep easily with their mouths closed.
  • The material used is polycarbonate which even allows heavy grinders to use the device.
  • Amazon offers a bonus two-for-one pack for only $12.15. This makes it is undoubtedly an extremely cheap mouth guard in comparison to a dentist’s visit for a customized device.
  • Detailed instructions for proper use are included with the product.
  • A ventilated “clam-shell” is available with the product for hygiene purposes.
  • You can re-mold the device in case you get any dental work done.


• The mouth guard is a little tricky mold at home and needs time and patience.
• The mouth guard needs to be heated in order to mold the device and can adversely affect those who have teeth that are sensitive to temperature.
• Thermoplastic has a low melting point which means the product can possibly melt to an extent that it becomes useless in case, you leave the device too long in the heated water during the process of molding.
• The material is flexible which means that you may grind your teeth during your sleep causing your jaw to undergo pain and stress. This is at least better than sleeping without a mouth guard.
• Some users prefer to wear the device on the lower or upper teeth for adequate comfort.


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